Events of the MYOMODEL project

General news

1-3 March 2009 Posters on parameter estimation from the shape of the action potential and stability of the action potential of the ventricular myocyte membrane presented at the 53-rd Meeting of the Biophysical Society, in Boston (B. Amuzescu).

25 Nov 2008 Lecture on the use of computer models in clinical prediction (U. Bucharest, A. D. Corlan).

27 Oct 2008 Electrophysiology and mathematical modeling of ventricular cardiomyocytes - presented by B Amuzescu (Univ. of Bucharest) at the ICBP "N Simionescu" Symposium "From Cell and Molecular Biology to the 21st Century Medicine"

9 Sep 2008 Seminaries on dynamic analysis and bifurcation theory (Pitesti University).

11 Apr 2008 Clinical prediction in cardiovascular diseases and the role of electrophysiological modelling-- presented by A.D. Corlan (University Emergency Hospital of Bucharest)

31 May 2008 Electrophysiology and mathematical modeling of ventricular cardiomyocytes - B. Amuzescu, I.C. Barbu, N. Neacsu-Pascu, M.-L. Flonta (Uni. of Bucharest) - presentation at the IVth Symposium of the National Neuroscience Society of Romania "Transdisciplinarity in Neuroscience"

07 Dec 2007 Cardiac Cellular Electrical Activity: old and new concepts, old and new models -- presented by K. Mubagwa (Center for Experimental Surgery & Anesthesiology, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

25 Oct 2007 Biophysical Properties of Ion Channels and Experimental Data Analysis -- presented by B. Amuzescu (Univ. of Bucharest)

anatomic model of the ventricles

Anatomic elements and their connections in our mammalian ventricle model.